First Date Preparation

Dating can be stressful but first dates can be particularly painful and nerve wrecking, especially if it is a blind date, such as someone you met through an online dating service. Follow these simple tips to getting ready for a date and before you know it you’ll be breezing through first dates with your only concern being what to wear on your second and third dates.
1. Don’t stress!

First of all, try not to stress yourself out. Tell yourself, it’s only a date and if it doesn’t work out, so what? I never have to see this person again.

2. Be well rested

It is important that you are well rested before your date. Going on a first date while physically tired is not a very good idea. Sometimes when we are tired, other people may misinterpret tiredness as boredom, disinterest, or depression/ anger. So be sure to get a full nights’ sleep!

3. Listen to music

Listen to some music whilst you’re getting ready; something that gets you in the mood for a night out and relaxes you.

4. What to wear on a first date?

Decide what you’re going to wear in advance so you’re not in a last minute panic with a bedroom floor covered in reject outfits. The main thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so you look relaxed. Your choice of outfit will obviously depend on where you are going. If your first date is going to be informal, such as going to the beach, lake, a birthday party, rock concert, etc. wear your new jeans, casual shoes/sneakers, and new shirt. Ladies, dress to impress but don’t over do it. Push up bras are nice but may give the wrong impression on a firt date. Also please don’t wear a ton of jewelry, (no matter how much you love it). Never be flashy on a first date. It usually doesn’t make a very good first impression and may make you look like you are either too materialistic or are in need of constant attention. This applies to men and women alike.

5. Fresh breath

Don’t forget to clean your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash. It may sound obvious but so many people forget. Also, keep a packet of mints or chewing gum in your bag in case you need to freshen up later. If you smoke…you probably want to lay off the cigarettes until the date is over. Thier is nothing worse then smokers breath, especially for a non-smoker.

6. Aroma, aroma!

Once you’re ready, don’t forget to squirt a bit of your favorite perfume or cologne behind the ears and on your wrist (these are the strongest pulse points). Don’t go overboard, the key is to have an nice aroma about you, not to overpower him/her with your scent.

7. Keep the conversation flowing

Give some thought to what you’re going to talk about. Obviously, you can’t plan it word for word but think about things you want to find out about your date and questions you could ask to keep the conversation flowing. If you know a funny story, it’s always good to throw that in at some point in the evening to lighten the mood. Focus on this date and leave your problems behind. Personal problems will still be there when you get back.

8. Tell a friend

Tell a friend or family member where you’re going and with whom, and let them know when you’ve arrived home safe. If this is a person that you met from an online dating website or personals, your basically going on a blind date regardless whether or not you spoke on the phone and/or shared photos. Play it safe!

9.Watch your drink

Don’t drink excessively! It’s easy to drink more than you would normally because of your nerves but try and pace yourself and if you do feel yourself getting more than tipsy, slow it down and drink some water. You don’t want your date to think that you have a problem with alchohol.

10. Have fun

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun on your date!

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