Where To Go On A First Date

Sometimes dating can be a daunting task. Coming up with a good place to go is the first step in having a good date experience. Creative and fun first date ideas help keep it interesting. The first date can make or break your chances for a relationship or even a second date so choose wisely. You may be asking yourself, where should I go on a first date? You have to make the date unique without going overboard. You don’t want to break the bank on a first date or seem over anxious. If you’re wondering where to go on your first date, the following are some great first date ideas that should fit the bill.

The first thing to think about is the best place to go. Lunch is a good option; it usually lasts between one and two hours and there’s no pressure to stick around if things don’t work out. If however, you’re getting along great and the conversation is flowing, you can always go on somewhere else.

The cliché “dinner and movie” may be the most common first date idea, but it isn’t necessarily the best choice. If choosing to go out for dinner then take care with the restaurant you choose as they often dim the lights and play soft music, which can then make it look like you’re on a romantic date before you’ve worked out if that’s the way you’d like it to be. Generally the idea of the first date is to get to know each other better. You probabley have spoken on the phone prior to this date but meeting face to face is a bigger deal. Having dinner with someone is a pretty intimate experience and it may be a daunting task to have to sit in front of someone you don’t really know for a couple of hours and eat in front of them while maintaining a smooth flowing conversation.

A Cafe or lounge is always a good first date idea and a safe choice. I have found this to be the best choice if going on a blind date or meeting with someone from a dating website for the first time. You can relax and chat over a cup of coffee and pastry. If it doesn’t work out, you only spent an hour or two of your time and enjoyed some delicious dessert!

Here are the 10 best First Date Ideas:

  • Cafe
  • Miniature Golf
  • A Nice Lunch
  • Billiards
  • The Beach
  • Amusement Park
  • Picnic
  • Concert In The Park

First Date Preparation

Dating can be stressful but first dates can be particularly painful and nerve wrecking, especially if it is a blind date, such as someone you met through an online dating service. Follow these simple tips to getting ready for a date and before you know it you’ll be breezing through first dates with your only concern being what to wear on your second and third dates.
1. Don’t stress!

First of all, try not to stress yourself out. Tell yourself, it’s only a date and if it doesn’t work out, so what? I never have to see this person again.

2. Be well rested

It is important that you are well rested before your date. Going on a first date while physically tired is not a very good idea. Sometimes when we are tired, other people may misinterpret tiredness as boredom, disinterest, or depression/ anger. So be sure to get a full nights’ sleep!

3. Listen to music

Listen to some music whilst you’re getting ready; something that gets you in the mood for a night out and relaxes you.

4. What to wear on a first date?

Decide what you’re going to wear in advance so you’re not in a last minute panic with a bedroom floor covered in reject outfits. The main thing is to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing so you look relaxed. Your choice of outfit will obviously depend on where you are going. If your first date is going to be informal, such as going to the beach, lake, a birthday party, rock concert, etc. wear your new jeans, casual shoes/sneakers, and new shirt. Ladies, dress to impress but don’t over do it. Push up bras are nice but may give the wrong impression on a firt date. Also please don’t wear a ton of jewelry, (no matter how much you love it). Never be flashy on a first date. It usually doesn’t make a very good first impression and may make you look like you are either too materialistic or are in need of constant attention. This applies to men and women alike.

5. Fresh breath

Don’t forget to clean your teeth and rinse with a mouthwash. It may sound obvious but so many people forget. Also, keep a packet of mints or chewing gum in your bag in case you need to freshen up later. If you smoke…you probably want to lay off the cigarettes until the date is over. Thier is nothing worse then smokers breath, especially for a non-smoker.

6. Aroma, aroma!

Once you’re ready, don’t forget to squirt a bit of your favorite perfume or cologne behind the ears and on your wrist (these are the strongest pulse points). Don’t go overboard, the key is to have an nice aroma about you, not to overpower him/her with your scent.

7. Keep the conversation flowing

Give some thought to what you’re going to talk about. Obviously, you can’t plan it word for word but think about things you want to find out about your date and questions you could ask to keep the conversation flowing. If you know a funny story, it’s always good to throw that in at some point in the evening to lighten the mood. Focus on this date and leave your problems behind. Personal problems will still be there when you get back.

8. Tell a friend

Tell a friend or family member where you’re going and with whom, and let them know when you’ve arrived home safe. If this is a person that you met from an online dating website or personals, your basically going on a blind date regardless whether or not you spoke on the phone and/or shared photos. Play it safe!

9.Watch your drink

Don’t drink excessively! It’s easy to drink more than you would normally because of your nerves but try and pace yourself and if you do feel yourself getting more than tipsy, slow it down and drink some water. You don’t want your date to think that you have a problem with alchohol.

10. Have fun

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun on your date!

Making The First Date

It’s not easy making a first date with a total stranger or someone you barely know, but with a little confidence and self-knowledge you are off to a good start. You have to take a chance even if it means potentially having your pride hurt – isn’t it worth the risk in the end? Everyone goes through these same feelings but you have to overcome them or you will never know what the outcome could have been. In this hectic fast paced working world we live in these days, it’s hard to find the time to meet people outside of your circle of friends, but there are possibilities in your daily life if you just build up your confidence enough to capitalize on them.

Don’t just ask someone on a date simply for the sake of doing so. Instead, find someone that really sparks your interest. It may be someone you met through the personals, a computer dating site like American Singles or Match, a social networking website, church or simply in the grocery store. However you meet your potential date, be sure that this is someone you are truly interested in getting to know better. Don’t just date someone because it was convenient. You will be wasting your time and thiers.

Email back and forth a couple of times or have a conversation on your mobile phones before you ask to go on a first date. When you’re ready, suggest by email or phone that you get together sometime. A simple “Hey, why don’t we get together for a cup of coffee or lunch?” is a good start. If the object of your affection is interested, ask when they’re available and suggest a time and place for your first date encounter. Choose a dating activity that’s convenient for both of you. Make sure it is something that you both will enjoy doing. In other words, if your date is a vegetarian it would probably not be a good idea to go to a steakhouse. Relax and have fun on your first date!

First Date Tips

Today many African singles are having a difficult time finding their life partner. I will be offering some first date tips that may help you in this regard. In this fast paced world we live in today, just finding time to date can be cumbersome. Whether you met someone through a friend, or an online dating site, make sure that you are prepared and in the right state of mind. You don’t want to waste an opportunity.

First dates can be extremely stressful especially if you are not in the right frame of mind. Whether you are a guy or girl, many experience a certain degree of fear not knowing what will happen on the date. Correctly preparing for a date helps you combat uncertainties that are bound cross your mind during the date and it helps you in making a good first impression. Review the dating tips and advice outlined in this website to help you prepare.

We all need to be loved and wanted, otherwise why would we even bother to go on a first date. There is always the possibility that this date could lead to a lasting relationship or even a life long friendship. Everyone desires their date to want to see them again. So make a good impression on your first date.

OK…so you are here for some first date help so let me begin. I will start with a few first date tips. It is crucial that you are never rude or inconsiderate on your first date. Always arrive on time, as a date who shows up late appears to be inconsiderate and thoughtless. This is not a good way to start a first date.

Some important information you need to always keep in mind is that you don’t know your date yet so be careful of how much personal information you provide. The first date is not the time to let it all hang out, and under no circumstances should you discuss any past relationships, not matter how broken hearted or mistreated you have been. This first date is about the two of you exclusively. Also, you wouldn’t want to appear like you’re still emotionally involved with your ex, or that you may need some professional counseling.

The first date is not the time to discuss your future marital dreams, those discussions will be more appropriate on some future date with this person. Other important issues that have ruined some first dates are:

1) Talking on your cell phone

2) Drinking too much

3) Talking too much or too little about yourself

4) Not showing enough interest in your date

5) Telling lies—which always leads to destruction in all relationships.

I hope that you take my first date tips and make your “first date” a memorable dating experience that both of you could look back on and smile.

First Date Kiss Advice

To kiss or not to kiss. Should you kiss a woman on a first date? If the chemistry is there, then absolutely! On first dates, most guys wait until the end of the date for the “goodnight kiss”. Many others cowardly avoid the first date kiss all together, or wait for her to make a move – not a good move guys. You need to understand that women are waiting for YOU to initiate the first date kiss! If you don’t you’re going to come off as either not interested, insecure, or just scared. You don’t want to appear to be any of these or you may not get a second date. Most guys just don’t realize how important that first date kiss is to woman. Well, this should give you an idea: When you kiss a woman for the first time, she often decides right then if she ever wants to kiss you again.


If you feel that the chemistry is there, you’ve got to kiss a woman goodnight! What is the worst thing that could happen? She might offer you her cheek or hand instead but at least you took a chance. Don’t wait for her to make the first move – she probably won’t. Further, it will tell you exactly how the date went, and if she is interested in a second date. The first date kiss is very important to you as your dating skills grow.

The goodnight kiss can also be very awkward. However, you really want this to leave a good lasting impression. To do this, you’ve got to be smooth and confident, while giving her a good kiss at the same time.

Here’s a little technique that you might want to try. Don’t wait until the end of the date, kiss her “hello” instead! I hear you saying, “Isn’t that a little too bold for a woman you hardly know?” Yes it is bold, but It sets the tone of the date, and removes that anxious moment at the end of the date where you both are standing at her door, or sitting in your car feeking nervous, and not really sure what to do next. If you get this out of the way in the beginning, the kiss at the end of the date seems much more natural, and is even looked-forward to! The key is in how you approach this first date kiss.

A kiss on the cheek is a common greeting. This makes the opening first date kiss seem much more normal rather than forced. However, just like the goodnight kiss, you have to time it, and execute it properly. When you meet up, tell her how great it is to meet her and then plant one on her cheek. I have found that most woman will except a kiss on the cheek even if they just met you for the first time.


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